Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Student Blogging Challenge Week 1

This is an acrostic poem so you can learn about me. 

Jhai likes apples that are juicy   
Happy is my favourite song  
Apple are my favourite fort       
I'm good at reading 


  1. Jhai, you like juicy apples, you like the song Happy, and apples are your favorite fruit. You are also good at reading.

  2. Hi Jhai

    I am glad you started the Student Blogging Challenge and created a poem to describe yourself. Do you know how to create a new page and title it "About Me"? You'll then need to make sure people can see your pages in the sidebar by going to your dashboard --> Layout --> then drag Pages to where you want it.

    If you have any questions about how to do this, or anything in general about the Challenge or blogging, just reply to this post.

    Your blogging mentor,
    Mrs. Watanabe

  3. Hi Jhai. Nice work on your blog challenge.

  4. Hi Jhai, I like your student blogging challenge. I never knew you liked apples.