Monday, 4 July 2016

Week 10 Term 2 Reflection

What: We have  been learning about our water cycle for our new inquiry Mai Te Kahui  Maunga Ki Tangara. We were invited to a production from Wanganui High School drama group.  They put on a show for us. It was based Snow White but with dudes instead of dwarfs.  We finished our building art.  We drew  heaps of pattered lines and then cut the building out and put it on a background which we had sponged earlier with paint.    

So What: I learnt what Mai Te Kahui Maunga Ki Tangara means. It means the water cycle from the mountain to the sea.

Now What: My goal is still to get my glasses with no body reminding me. I have had this goal for a while and sometimes I remember and sometimes I don't.Image result for water cycle

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